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Virtual Staging for Residential and Commercial

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Residential and commercial developers can now utilize ‘Custom Interactive Virtual Staging’ for even more than getting “non-existent” properties sold or leased months ahead of completion. It can now become a part of your planning and preparation process even before your final plans are approved.

Interactive virtual staging for residential and commercial

There are those times in the early stages of planning a property that additional investors, partners, or lenders need to be called upon. Sometimes factors such as land acquisition, permit issues, or rising lumber prices can get in the way of a successful project plan.

As we know first-hand, even the highest quality architectural drawings are not always completely helpful when it comes to raising capital. This is exactly why we can now implement ‘Custom Interactive Virtual Staging’ as early as the initial designs for our valued clients. Every room and common area of a property can be “toured” in full detail, allowing for important decisions to be made and shared more quickly and easily than ever before.

Our tech team creates “environments” directly from our sketches and plans, based on the specific criteria our clients provide us. The rooms and areas we ‘show’ are created to scale, based on square footage and including details such as vaulted ceilings, flooring changes, furniture and custom fixtures. Each “environment” can include a Selection Panel allowing viewers to be able to make choices while they “see” the property.

Selection choices can include very specific wall colors, flooring patterns, fixtures, and furniture styles. For example, a user can select a variety of colors and patterns for kitchen counter-tops while the remainder of the room maintains the same look.

We provide up to three different ways to be able to show the potential for your specific property, and possibly multiple designs within the same property, to whomever you want or need to. This includes potential investor partners, lenders, executives, and construction or contractor personnel.

When you incorporate “Custom Interactive Virtual Staging” into your operation plan from the start, you can also show contractors and installers exactly how and where their products integrate into your proposed property. The “Behind The Walls” feature can take people involved in your project to precise locations they could not otherwise envision.

Perhaps our most prominent example is the ability to “walk” the rooftop and see exactly how and where solar energy panels integrate with the operation of the property. Even if your property was built, you still are not able to easily bring potential partners or vendors up to the roof or hang from the walls to show them first hand.

There are three ways to access your “environment”. One is online, whether it is made available to anyone or by login or private link. Next is by monitor(s), taken from online but used only for sales office or group presentations. Another option is via Virtual Reality goggles, which allow a user to walk (or wheel) around in an open area while giving the user the feeling of being immersed within the room or area he/she chooses.

Once these important decisions are made, the same environment can be used to show potential buyers and/or tenants exactly what they can have. This is especially helpful for pre-sales or leasing, which can be done during the construction process.

Our team can provide “Custom Interactive Virtual Staging” along with your entire project, bringing the additional benefits it provides.

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