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Experience the level of customer service and quality that our architectural firm brings to a project by working with us. We listen to your requirements and learn from past experiences & projects. We understand what has worked and what needs to be improved & apply that knowledge to current projects.



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Founded in year 2017, Parshva Associates is a full service architectural design firm specializing in Hospitality and Commercial projects with emphasis on Sustainable Design. Our fifteen years of extensive experience in various markets including hospitality, retail, commercial and mixed use has led us to realize the gaps in architectural industry that lead to hassles during the construction phase. We understand the burden that lack of proper design documentation creates for the owner and the contractor.

At Parshva Associates we help eliminate that additional burden by providing a two-tier quality assurance of documents before the project goes into construction. This helps optimize the overall project costs for all stakeholders, avails smooth & efficient construction process and diminish RFI’s and change orders.

Climate change is a growing challenge that we believe every individual needs to be aware of and work in the best interest to create a better future. The building industry often faces this challenge with up-front costs to realize the gains in the long run. At Parshva, we take a sustainable approach for all our designs by educating you early in the process to establish a path that leads to providing an energy efficient, high performance building by implementing simple, cost-effective strategies that reduce overall operational costs. 

Our dedicated team of professionals are here to help your vision turn into reality providing consistently high level of service to meet your aesthetic, functional and economic requirements. A project’s true value is measured by the quality of the team behind it.

Maximizing Client RESULTS.
Binita Vora
About Binita Vora

A keen listener and quick to identify clients’ issues/problems and help resolve them effectively in the clients’ best interest. Our team helps hotel developers maximize opportunities and reduce risks. Reach out to our experts for advisory services. We understand that a project’s true value is measured by the quality of the team behind it.

More About Binita Vora

Binita has over fifteen years of experience in the architectural industry leading several hospitality and commercial projects while working at notable architectural firms. While effectively managing several projects in all phases of the design and construction process allowed her to better understand the requirements of owners within the hospitality market. She founded Parshva Associates after realizing the gaps in client services within the architectural industry and a desire to improve the quality of service that architects provide. Being a keen listener and quick to identify clients’ problems, she helps resolve them effectively in the clients’ best interest.

During her work experience, Binita has achieved compliments in completing her projects in time and given budget constraints. Her leadership quality and attention to detail is very much appreciated and admired by industry leaders. Her knowledge, perseverance and determination has rewarded her with great remarks from clients and contractors.

Graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture from Mumbai, India, she earned her Master of Architecture from Savannah College of Art & Design and holds a Master of Business Administration from DeVry University. While working at well-renowned, nationally ranking firms in the USA gaining extensive knowledge and experience she became a registered architect in 2009 and attained national certification through NCARB in 2014. Her keen interest in Sustainability and to help clients design eco-friendly projects led her to obtain LEED AP for new construction.

With several academic accolades and experience with well-known firms, rest assured you are in good hands of a trusted professional in the industry.

“Collaboration is the best way to work. It's only way to work, really. Everyone's there because they have a set of skills to offer across the board.”


– Anthony Starr

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